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According to the long-term industry forecasts made by global authorities, high spending on infrastructure projects and growing demand for housing units will fuel the Bangladeshi cement industry. Cement is already an astonishing $1.2 billion industry in Bangladesh, growing steadily at 1.5 to 2 times the GDP growth. The per capita cement consumption now is only 75 kg in Bangladesh (as compared to that of the developed countries where it is a staggering 1,000 kg). This means the cement industry possesses a great opportunity for growth in terms of volume, revenue and employment generation, contributing significantly to economic growth in Bangladesh.

Despite having more than 30 active players inclusive of both locals and multinationals, the market is dominated by only a few. Two-thirds of the cement consumption is skewed towards Independent Home Builders (IHB) with high Pucca concentration in the major cities. Real Estate and Government’s development expenditure would stand next to the IHBs on consumption. The capital, Dhaka would consist of almost half of the total industry consumption.

As cement is still technically an engineer’s product for its various applications, it is not understood well enough by most of the end users. There are many misconceptions in the market regarding cement quality, strength, colour, etc. The most common myth is that the strength of a construction is directly related to the strength of a cement product. The fact is that the strength of a construction will depend on a number of factors like the mix design, engineering design, the load distribution, the quality and the standard of the material used etc. Therefore, Supercrete puts a lot of emphasis on educating the consumer group through various meets, seminars, workshops etc. for better usage and understanding about the quality and the parameters of construction. Supercrete is multi-purpose cement that works well for any construction  from foundation to plastering.

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